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Self-driving cars will revolutionize the driving experience forever

USA – April 21, 2017

AGP eGlass continues to build on the successful launch of the “Big Sky” windshield for the Model X, from the world´s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, adding the production of the windshield for another emblematic vehicle, the Model S. Although the Model S has been in production for several years, the company´s vehicles continue to evolve with the incorporation of improved autonomous driving capability to their entire vehicle portfolio. Given this, AGP´s “Camera View Plus” technology enables the production of an advanced version of the Model S windshield, which is now offered on every new car. It is worth noting that AGP is currently supplying the windshields for the only 2 vehicles in the world with level 5 autonomous driving camera technology, the Model S and the Model X.

AGP’s “Camera View Plus” advanced windshield optics allows for the optimal performance for camera systems used for the latest autonomous driving technology. AGP’s research and development team has worked tirelessly to bring better than 20/20 vision to our windshield glass systems meaning that the windshield’s optical performance exceeds the camera’s tight specifications. For reference, this level of performance delivers 2 to 3 times better results vs other standard market solutions, which results in improved performance by the camera systems as the windshield acts as the final optical lens.

“AGP is diligently working with our automotive OEM customers and leading camera system experts to continuously develop glass that enables camera performance rather than reduce it, which has been a problem with other windshields manufacturers in the marketplace. The ultimate impact of such great technology advancement on humanity is potentially huge, possibly saving as many as 90% of the 1.2million lives that are lost every year due to human errors on the roads” said Arturo Mannheim, CEO of the AGP Group. AGP launched this new technology in mid-2016 and has seen increasing interest for collaboration and integration of this best-in-class solution.

American Glass Products is a global supplier of state-of-the-art specialty glass production, with advanced laminating, tempering and armouring lines that deliver products adhering to the strictest technical specifications. With 50 years of experience, AGP has developed a large portfolio of products for the Automotive, Architectural, Marine, Mass Transit, and Military markets that it supplies through its 4 production facilities and global sales network.




Ballistic Validation Processes for Armoured Materials-Seminar at New Delhi

World’s leading companies – AGP Glass (India) , SSAB Steelforce Steel (Finland & Sweden), iABG Laboratory (Germany) together with Gujarat Forensic Sciences Laboratories (India), Tata Motors(India) and Invest India (India) conducted together the First Ballistic Day at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi wherein specific methodologies were discussed pertinent to ballistic validation of components that are needed for armouring vehicles, boats and ships.

The issues discussed were steering to an eventual evolution of an “Indian Ballistic Standard” which would comprise of all environmental threats (to avoid an early delamination of glass and polymer layers) apart from ballistic threats(to stop bullets from entering) that would cater to all the specific requirements of the subcontinent. The lack of incongruent QRs were being discussed leaving options for improvements which would add fillip to the growing requirements of MoD and MHA.

The main challenges being identified were the weight reduction of the ballistic materials and effects of extreme temperature on the materials, with a strong call for the leading laboratories to have world class facilities for homologation of the ballistic materials. Amongst those who were present on this niche conference, were Director General of CRPF apart from many top level dignitaries from SSB, CRPF, BSF, BPR&D, Directorate of Weapon & Equipments, CISF, SPG, etc.

A permanent consortium of ballistic experts were being sought on this seminar which is being kept pending further action, with a clear goal of expediting all the efforts that are needed for a clear homologation methodology.