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Light and Heavy Armored Vehicles

Transparent armor compositions certified according to AEP 55 Stanag 4569, CEN 1063, NIJ 0108.01, VPAM APR 2006, among others.

Land Solutions

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  • AGP HIGH PERFORMANCE | Ballistic integrity at extreme temperatures

    The mechanical properties of standard materials used within the composition of a bullet-resistant glass change when exposed to extreme hot and cold conditions. AGP has developed ballistic compositions that do not compromise the ballistic integrity of the glass at harsh environmental conditions.

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  • AGP PREMIUM | Lighter and thinner transparent armor

    As bullet-resistant glass is one of the heaviest components in an armored vehicle and is located above its center of gravity, any reduction in weight will contribute considerably to better vehicle handling, functionality, economy and environmental care.

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  • AGP PREMIUM | Lighter and thinner transparent armor

    AGP invests 5% of its revenue in R&D, focusing on upgrades to ballistic compositions and production processes. Development of new materials and partnerships with industry leaders and the scientific community make AGP the market leaders of lightweight solutions.

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  • EDGE PLUS | Special edge sealing

    AGP EDGE PLUS® is a patented, laminated material that seals the edges of the bullet-resistant glass. It prevents humidity and chemical penetration, thus enhancing its durability.

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  • DURA

    Transparent armor has a reduced life expectancy due to de-lamination, chemical attacks, cracks and scratches that compromise its optics and potentially its ballistic performance as well. AGP DURA products enhance the durability of the transparent armor.

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  • AGP DURA-P | Enhanced resistance against chemical attacks

    Dura-P is an additional polymeric protection that protects the inner spall shield surface from any chemical attacks.

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  • AGP DURA-G | Protection against scratches

    Additional glazing protection behind the transparent armor spall shield with low or no spall for enhanced resistance against scratches and chemical attacks.

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  • AGP DURA-NPC | Outstanding durability

    Bullet-resistant glass without polycarbonate offers enhanced protection against chemical attacks and proven durability. It is the future of armored transparencies.

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  • HEATPLEX | Heating systems options

    Improved optics, appearance and response speed allow AGP HEATPLEX®, an invisible heating system, to defrost bullet-resistant glass faster than competing technologies. Military tungsten wires and invisible heating systems can be customized to work with 12 to 440 volts.

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  • AGP EXTRA CLEAR PLUS | Higher light transmittance

    Bullet-resistant glass composition with higher light transmittance for increased compatibility with night vision goggles.

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    US Army

    2005 - 2007

    Mexican Armed Forces

    2012 and continuing

    Brazilian Army

    2014 and continuing


    North African Countries

    2012 and continuing

    South African Countries

    214 and continuing


    Australian Armed Forces

    2012 and Continuing


    UK Army

    2006 and continuing

    Spanish Army

    2013 and Continuing

    Germany Army

    2013 and continuing


    Saudi Arabia Armed Forces

    2009 and continuing

    UAE Army

    2009 and continuing

    Indian MOD

    2009 and continuing

    Thai Army

    2013 and continuing

    Singaporean Army

    2009 and continuing