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Multi-layared and toughened glass with additional features that suffice the demands of the asymmetric warfare.


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  • AGP BULLET-RESISTANT GLASS | Lightweight transparent armor

    Bullet-resistant glass compositions certified according to AEP 55 Stanag 4569, CEN 1063, NIJ 0108.01.

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  • AGP HEATPLEX | Heating Systems

    Improved optics, appearance and response speed allow AGP HEATPLEX®, an invisible heating system, to defrost bullet-resistant glass faster than competing technologies.

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  • AGP SHIELDING PLUS | Attenuation of electromagnetic waves

    Custom-made coated materials that prevent the penetration and interference from electromagnetic impulses. AGP Shielding Plus is developed for attenuating frequencies ranging from 1 to 40 GHz.

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  • DURA

    Transparent armor has a reduced life expectancy due to de-lamination, chemical attacks, cracks and scratches that compromise its optics and potentially its ballistic performance as well. AGP DURA products enhance the durability of the transparent armor.

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  • AGP DURA-P | Enhanced resistance against chemical attacks

    Dura-P is an additional polymeric protection that protects the inner spall shield surface from any chemical attacks.

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  • AGP DURA-G | Protection against scratches

    Additional glazing protection behind the transparent armor spall shield with low or no spall for enhanced resistance against scratches and chemical attacks.

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  • AGP DURA-NPC | Outstanding durability

    Bullet-resistant glass without polycarbonate offers enhanced protection against chemical attacks and proven durability. It is the future of armored transparencies.

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  • AGP EDGE PLUS | Extended life shell

    AGP EDGE PLUS® is a patented, laminated material that seals the edges of the bullet-resistant glass, keeping it safe from the aggressive conditions experienced in the sea that can de-laminate the glass.

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  • AGP EXTRA CLEAR PLUS | Higher light transmittance

    Bullet-resistant glass composition with higher light transmittance for increased compatibility with night vision goggles.

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  • AGP FIRE RESISTANT PLUS | Fire-resistant glazing

    AGP offers additional fire-resistant glass specially developed for containing the effects of thermal energy.

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    Colombian Coast Guard

    Patrol Boats produced in Colombia 2010 and continuing

    Brazilian Coast Guard

    Patrol Boats produced in Colombia 2010 and continuing

    Brazilian Federal Police

    Patrol Boats 2006 - 2007


    Nigerian Navy

    Patrol Boats produced in Singapore 2012 and continuing


    Australian Coast Guard

    Marine - Patrol Boats 2013 and continuing

  • Europe

    Finland Navy

    Patrol Boats 2014 and Continuing

    MOD - BWB Germany

    Marine - F125 frigates 2012 and continuing


    Indian Marine Police

    Patrol Boats 2012 and continuing


    Marine - MOD - JCG / JMSDF - Frigates and Patrol Boats 2001 and continuing