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January 12 of 2013
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Benghazi, Libya

 The  Italian consul,  Guido De Sanctis  came under fire in his car in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Saturday 12th January,  but was unhurt and saved by the bullet-proof glass and armour-plated vehicle he was in.
The car, an Alpha Armouring® SUV based on Mercedes G-Wagon with AGP´s special transparent armor, was hit by several bullets, but the armor held and no one was injured. Some shots - apparently fired from another car at an intersection - were shattered against windows , at the level of heads of diplomatic and that of the driver.



Video footage shown on Sky TG24 showed several gunshots to the windows of the vehicle.

All the occupants survived without any injuries and no bullet reached the Vehicle Passenger Compartment. Another testimonial of AGP in the business of savings lives!





Frustrated kidnapping attempt in Brazil

February 25 of 2011
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Last February 25th in Sao Paulo - Brazil, in an apparently armed kidnapping attempt , a Grand Cherokee SUV was attacked by criminals who discharged 14 shots, 11 of them went straight to the windows. This armed attack was frustrated due to our Bullet Resistant Glass Level NIJ IIIA, made in 2006; the occupants were unharmed. The Suv vehicle was armoured by Blindarte.

This is another evidence of our commitment and AGP product quality, where we all share the task of Saving Lives with our work and this  is reflected in our customer's satisfaction and protection.


Frustrated armed attack in Guatemala

March 12 of 2010
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A vehicle protected with AGP Glass withstood the robbery attempt from three urban criminals in the neighborhood Zona Viva in Guatemala city, famous for its banks and hotels. The robbers got to shoot and impact more than 10 times the vehicle windows trying to steel the money that the passengers have withdrawn in previous minutes.

The ballistic performance was outstanding, none of the projectyle penetrated the vehicle, and the inside face to the glass remained intact. Once again the testimonials from our customers show that definitely We Are in the Business of Saving Lives !


Frustrated armed attack in Mexico

July 01 of 2010
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A vehicle from one of our customers was shot outside Mexico D.F. in a kidnapping attempt . According to the General Attorney to Mexico , the armed attack was made with short and long-range weapons ( magnum .44, 38 super 22 mm and Ar-15). Despite the attempts were hold by the windshield front and back sidewindows, none of the bullets went through the glass Level III produced by AGP Colombia and our Commercial Unit in Mexico.

Besides the excellent Bullet Resistant Glass performance ,stopping the impacts coming from the short-range weapons and the  impactos rifle semiautomatic AR-15, the testimonial from our customer who survived from the hijack attempt , shows us that effefctivelyWe Are in the Business of Saving Lives!