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Vehicle assembly of production model Invaders has begun at the Tanom Motors manufacturing facility in Culpepper, Virginia. This state-of-the-art 55,000 square foot facility is currently producing three models of the Invader high performance reverse trike - TR-3 roadster, TC-3 coupe and the Model “R”. Tanom Motors started...[+]

Benghazi, Libya The  Italian consul,  Guido De Sanctis  came under fire in his car in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Saturday 12th January,  but was unhurt and saved by the bullet-proof glass and armour-plated vehicle he was in. The car, an Alpha Armouring® SUV based on Mercedes G-Wagon with...[+]

The second week of August 2012 marked the beginning of operations of AGP Colombia’s Ballistic Laboratory after the signing of a cooperative agreement with the Colombian Military Industry (Indumil). The laboratory meets the highest international standards for quality and safety and includes the latest technology in facilities and equipment, which allows...[+]

AGP, Tencate Advanced Armour and Benteler Defense conducted the seminar "What's up in Armour Tecnology", which was held in July in Manila, Philippines. During the event, the three companies presented their product solutions, which included AGP’s transparent armor and Tencate and Bentler’s opaque armor. AGP was represented by Klaus Steuer, Defense...[+]