Security Glass

A Security Glass is a transparent composite material designed to avoid penetration of hard objects intending to pass from one side to the other, more specifically projectiles intended to cause harm to people on the second side. It is normally composed of several layers of glass, polymers or other transparent materials bonded together by a process involving temperature and pressure.  Its total thickness and composition can vary a lot depending on the specific threat for which it has been designed.


With over 50 years of experience AGP is today the worldwide leader in the development and innovation of Security Glass technology creating state-of-the-art compositions from the lowest to the highest ballistic requirements, complying or outperforming those specified in international standards for bullet proof products such: NIJ 01.08.01, EN 1063, UL 752, STANAG 4569, ATPD 2352P, VPAM 2006, NBR 15000 as well as Mexican and Argentinian standards.

All of our Security Glass compositions are certified by the most recognized laboratories like H.P. White Laboratory (USA), the University of Dayton Research Institute (USA), ICS Laboratories (USA), Beschussamt (Germany) and CAEx (Brazil).

AGP is permanently researching new technologies to improve our products and processes while always keeping in mind its responsibility as a lifesaving provider, especially regarding our Security Glass products; therefore, all our new technology is subject to intensive testing and validation to provide the best customer experience and ensure the user safety.  AGP’s Research and Development cover a wide range of areas including ballistics, optics, materials, forming and lamination and other processes.