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Our international presence enables us to quickly respond to our customers’ requirements with competitive lead times and onsite commercial and technical support. Our goal is to be the preferred global partner for complex glazing solutions.

AGP has four manufacturing facilities ; AGP eGlass (Lima), AGP Brazil (Curitiba), AGP Perú (Lima), AGP Colombia (Bogotá), with commercial and technical offices in five continents with more than 500 clients in 50 countries.

AGP is ready to serve you, wherever you are.


Over the past several years, the automotive industry has increased the size and amount of glass that is utilized in designs, causing glass manufacturers to reconsider the technology necessary to manufacture these glazings. AGP is at the forefront of these technologies with our new state-of-the art production facility in Lima, Peru. As of summer 2015, AGP has the ability to make even larger glass with more complex curvatures than previous capabilities, which were already some of the highest in the industry. Our new moving line boasts one of the largest bending furnaces in the industry with the latest automation in robotics and glass processing equipment. This new production line not only allows for the production of complex shapes, but gives AGP the ability to do them at OEM production volumes.

Although AGP is very adept at manufacturing chemically and standard tempered products, this new line will be focused on the most advanced and complex laminated glass designs for windshields, backlites, and fixed glass roofs. With our partnerships and R&D efforts, we will also be able to offer our OEMs the latest in lightweight technology. This is especially important to the electric and hybrid car producers where less weight means more mileage achieved on a single charge.


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Location: Av. Guillermo Dansey 1846. Lima, Peru
Phone: + 51 1 702 46 00 | E-mail:


Established in 1964, AGP Peru was the first productive unit in the Group. Located in Lima in a major industrial area, it has approximately 13.000 square meters of production and storage space. AGP Peru has the technical capacity and flexibility to supply many different glass applications from architectural, to military, to automotive tempered and laminated solutions, to mass transit applications, as well as various bullet resistant glass products. The facility has the latest technology and equipment, such as tempering and laminating furnaces, autoclaves and CNC cutting equipment.

The facility has local and internationally required quality certificates. AGP Perú is highly experienced in glass production for the ARG (auto replacement glass) market, as well as OEM products including complex glazings such as, large and complex windshields and fixed glass roofs.


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Location: Av. Guillermo Dansey 1996. Lima, Peru
Phone: + 51 1 702 46 00 | E-mail:


American Glass Products Brazil has been operating since 2000. The facility is located in Sao Jose Dos Pinhais, an industrial complex near Curitiba, in the State of Paraná.

AGP Brazil has more than 20.000 square meters of production area with a production layout especially designed for process optimization, high volume production and flexibility.  We have invested continuously in latest generation equipment for glass production and quality compliance, specifically for curved Bullet Resistant Glass (BRG).  The facility is ISO compliant and has multiple certificates for various international bullet resistant glass standards.

The engineering and quality departments are equipped with durability and aging test equipment, as well as a shooting lab for internal ballistic performance tests. The majority of AGP’s R&D department is located in Brazil, supporting key company wide innovations. AGP Brazil is dedicated to high quality international standards and complies with the most complex production requirements. We produce some global OEM projects with the top automobile brands in the world.

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Location: Alameda Arpo, 2751, Bairro Costeira CEP 83010 – 290. Sao Jose dos Pinhais, Parana, Brazil
Phone: + 55 41 338 155 00 | E-mail:


AGP Colombia, established in Bogota in 1989, was our second production facility and encompasses 16.000 sqm of production space. It has a full line of modern equipment to produce the highest levels in curved and flat BRG. AGP Colombia is ISO compliant and is certified to the most stringent international bullet resistant glass standards while meeting all local legislation requirements.

AGP Colombia has the largest Engineering and Research area in the Group with equipment dedicated to scientific and technical advancement to support a solid and innovative product development process. It also has a ballistic tunnel with the latest technology that can test various ammunitions at multiple speeds for high performance analysis.

New renovations in the production layout have increased capacity in order to meet the ever more demanding requirements of retrofitters and OEMs worldwide.

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Location: Calle 15 No. 35 – 59. Bogota, D.C., Colombia
Phone: + 57 1 364 75 55 – 360 88 11 | E-mail: