50 years

Since 1965, when AGP´s founder Mr Mannheim first started his business in Perú, he already had the vision of becoming the best-in-class in the glass segment by fostering innovation and a global commercial presence as key pillars of its sustainable growth.

Throughout these 5 decades, AGP developed a variety of new product solutions for applications that permeate the lives of thousands of families around the World. Along this journey we have gathered the support of many customers, business partners and talented people that shared our vision and made our initial dream possible.

The dream lives on, and our energy is ever more reinvigorated by increasingly new opportunities that appear in the horizon, where technology, human capital and customer trust enlightens our bright future.

We invite you to share with us our 50th Anniversary celebration by visiting our timeline and learning about AGP´s key milestones and the accomplishments we are most proud of.

Welcome to AGP, 50 Years Glazing the Future!


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