R&D Legacy

AGP’s R&D team was launched in 2000 with the goal of accelerating our development of innovative technologies and products for diverse complex glazing applications.  Our core R&D focus is to provide the latest solutions for our customers and end users in comfort, safety and performance.

Our R&D team has developed hundreds of products and has extensive experience in specialty glass science, including ballistics, optics, complex geometries, durability, innovative materials, and more. AGP´s R&D team is positioned to expand our product offerings by leveraging the talent and expertise of our engineer’s, strategic partners and key suppliers.

Since our inception, research, development and innovation have been key elements in AGP’s strategy to become the leader in the specialty and security glass market.



AGP has a well-structured R&D and innovation governance model that includes strategic and operational perspectives.

Our Innova Committee, which is the cornerstone of our Innovation Strategy, is always scanning the market trends in order to develop the latest New Product Solution. We work diligently, generating ideas, evaluating alternatives and validating value propositions with the goal of successfully executing our projects.


AGP´s competitive advantage is driven by the constant effort to improve production processes, thus allowing for better quality, efficiency, and accuracy of our manufacturing operations. This includes having an integrated process engineering team across all production sites that shares best practices and helps resolve common challenges to maintain the goal of having the highest standards in our industry.


As a result of our R&D and Engineering investments, AGP has become well known for new product solutions on many different fronts, including having a number of patented products that whether related to new substrates, polymers, or production processes.