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Bending operator

Department Manufacturing

Location Belgium (HQ)

Job Type Full Time


Join AGP to be part of a multinational group that dreams big and is in constant growth. We work with world-class technology and innovative glazing solutions, reaching places where others have not even imagined.

The Role

Ensure to:
- Comply with the quality specifications established by the client and by the organization
- Operate the equipment according to production standards
- Comply with performance indicators established by the organization (Uptime, Yield, OEE) in the development and industrialization of the product / project
- Explore the technical resources of processes,
- Recommend the implement of technical changes and continuous improvements,
- Promote the motivation, participation and innovation of the entire team involved.
- Comply with process developments objectives, in accordance with the expectations and values of the company complying with the established safety, quality and organization standards
- Document the activities performed during the working hours
- Maximize the assertiveness of product / project developments optimizing time, costs and quality


1) Operate the equipment required to produce according to quality standards in the bending area
a) Bending furnace
b) Robots: loading, unloading, unpairing, pack-off cell
c) Conveyors: centering table, stacker after pairing, furnace exit, conveyors washer, rotating table, rotating platforms
d) Curved washer
e) Laser grabbing system
f) Nokra
g) Checking fixture
2) Set-up the machines and manage panels:
a) Stacker
b) Centering table,
c) Loading/unloading/unpairing/pack-off cell robot
d) Bending furnace
e) Washing machine
3) Adjust the cycle time of bending furnace to get the good bending
4) Make the tooling model change of the line and change recipes of the machines mentioned above
5) Control the tooling and be able to detect defects inherent to tools
6) Quality control of glasses produced with the furnace and be able to detect defects related to the customer specification
7) Ensure compliance with quality standards and use of technical resources in accordance with established safety, quality and performance standards.
8) Housekeeping of the area and maintain general 5S standards
9) Basic preventive maintenance, including check of pressure of the equipment, temperature and the adjustment of tools



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