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Operator Coater

Department Manufacturing

Location Belgium (HQ)

Job Type Full Time


Join AGP to be part of a multinational group that dreams big and is in constant growth. We work with world-class technology and innovative glazing solutions, reaching places where others have not even imagined.

The Role

- Comply with the quality specifications established by the client and by the organization

- Operate the equipment according to production standards

- Comply with performance indicators established by the organization (Uptime, Yield, OEE) in the development and industrialization of the product / project

- Explore the technical resources of processes,

- Recommend the implement of technical changes and continuous improvements,

- Promote the motivation, participation and innovation of the entire team involved.

- Comply with process developments objectives, in accordance with the expectations and values of the company complying with the established safety, quality and organization standards

- Document the activities performed during the working hours

- Maximize the assertiveness of product / project developments optimizing time, costs and quality

This job is located in Ghent.


1.1.1. Coater OPERATION

- Magnetron sputtering trimming and shimming

- Vacuum equipment operation and troubleshooting

- Sputter Sources – operation

- Generators / Power Supplies – Operation, Setup and troubleshooting

- Process Gas Setup

- Arc-settings

- Transport System - operation and troubleshooting

- Transport Position Sensor Adjustment

- Visualization - Alarm messages, Troubleshooting

- Problem report, Data logging, Data saving

- Machine shutdown and restart procedures

- Leak detection using leak detector

- Cooling water quality control

- Safety measures, LOTO application

- Optical Measurement - ExSitu / Insitu

- ISRA Scanner Operation

- Coating faults analysis

1.1.2. Coating Quality Check

- Measurement of optical properties - LAMBDA 1050

- Measurement of optical properties - HUNTERLAB – ULTRA SCAN PRO

- Haze determination - BYK HAZE GARD

- Assessing thin film coating adhesion by the tape pull test

- Determining surface abrasion resistance by TABER test

- Resistance of glass coatings to surface abrasion using a reciprocating abrader (brush test)

- Mechanical abrasion and bake test for heat-treatable sputter low-e glass and Ag3

- Sheet resistance determination NAGI SRM - 14

- Quality check of the product being loaded and unloaded through the line.

- Visual Inspect the glass coming through the line

- Take decision of Good/Bad glass during Inspection Activities

- Rework glass when reworkable

1.1.3. Loading Robots Cell operation

- ABB Robot Panel Operation

- ABB Robots Operation

- ABB Robots Set-Up – Definition of new points into the robot program.

- Teach Pendant operation

- Checking alarms and Troubleshooting

- Vacuum cups adjustment

- Siemens HMI Operation

1.1.4. Raw Material Quality Review

- Tin Side Manual Detector Operation

- Coated Side Manual Detector Operation

- Measuring Tools Operation

- Glass inspection

1.1.5. Unloading Robots Cell operation

- KUKA Robots Operation

- KUKA Robots Set-Up – Definition of new points into the robot program.

- Teach Pendant operation

- Checking alarms and Troubleshooting

- Vacuum cups adjustment

- Siemens HMI Operation

1.1.6. Coated glass final packing and inspection

- Interleaving inspection

- Glass alignment check

- Packing preparation

- Measuring Tools Operation

1.1.7. Coater Changeover

- Shields replacement and cleaning

- Target replacement and cleaning

- Sputtering chamber maintenance

- Overhead Crane Operation

- Housekeeping of the area.

- Support Maintenance Team with TPM or any intervention on the equipment.

  • Technical studies in fields related to manufacturing or 1 year of experience working in the production area with complex machinery/processes

  • Intermediate English

  • Soft skills: learning agility, dealing with ambiguity, drive for results, customer focus


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