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  • YEAR

    It all began over a century ago with the Mannheim family’s first glass business in Germany. In 1965 the first generation of Mannheim’s born in South America, led by Jose Mannheim, founded Autoglass Peruana in Lima, Peru. This company planted the seed for what would become the AGP Group.

    Perú experienced a booming automotive market with more than 10 OEMs’ manufacturing plants, and a construction industry that required a high-quality glass producer.

  • YEAR

    AGP exported more than 50% of its production out of South America continuing the vision of becoming the leading player in the global automotive glazing industry. Today, AGP is a global leader with exports to all continents, reaching more than 45 markets and over 650 business customers around the world.



  • YEAR

    In the 1980s, major glass producers were based overseas and had a strong focus on large-scale automotive production. Intensified competition and a stagnant market for the automotive industry led to a strategic shift in AGP’s business strategy, through which the company devoted itself to exploring new technological advantages applied to higher value-added products.

    A few years later, AGP obtained its first patent for the production of bullet-resistant glass (BRG), the first of a series of patents and products that differentiate AGP from its competitors to this date.

  • YEAR

    AGP Group enhanced its global presence by focusing on setting up commercial units close to its major customers, providing high-level customer support and technical services through its local world-class professionals. As part of this strategy, AGP USA was incorporated in Knoxville, Tennessee.

  • YEAR

    AGP opened its second manufacturing facility in Bogota, Colombia.

    The AGP Group acquired a facility in Colombia that produced laminated replacement glass for the automotive market. The facility was reengineered to produce automotive bullet-resistant glass as its main business line.

    Over the following 10 years, this facility would be responsible for introducing the most advanced bullet-resistant products based on state-of-the-art technology and developing continuous process improvements that have contributed to turning AGP into a widely renowned and respected brand.

  • YEAR

    AGP opened new commercial units in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Mexico City, Mexico.

  • YEAR

    AGP & North Glass (Japan) entered into a business alliance, introducing AGP to the Asian market.

  • YEAR
    Early 2000´s

    As a result of AGP’s corporate reputation and quality products, several premium brand automotive OEMs contracted laminated, tempered and bullet-resistant products from AGP.

    In the year 2000, AGP was chosen by Lotus’ sports car division in the UK to be the supplier for its complex curved glass needs used in their latest models.

    A highly strategic project was implemented by AGP Colombia and VW Germany for the Passat armored model. The high standards achieved by AGP during the development of this project allowed the group to position itself as the leading supplier of bullet-resistant glass for the VW Group, including the Audi brand with the A6 armored model.

    During this period, AGP became the leading supplier for the development of several programs within the armored glass market for various renowned brands’ models, such as the VW Passat, Audi A6, Range Rover model, BMW X5, Toyota Prado, among others, expanding its OEM and military projects around the world.

  • YEAR

    Incorporated an AGP Europe commercial unit in Germany.

    AGP Brazil grew significantly and built a new manufacturing plant, making it the third production facility in the AGP Group. Since then, this plant has predominantly supplied the Brazilian local market as well as other southern cone markets and supported many key OEM projects in Europe.

    Two years later, the Brazilian facility produced 8,950 sets of military vehicles for the U.S. army, for use in conflicts in the Middle East.

    To date, the Brazilian plant has grown to become the largest automotive BRG plant in the world.


  • YEAR

    AGP Peru won a contract for the development of a highly complex windshield for Opel (GM Europe) for its new Astra GTC “Panorama” model, now called Cielo windshield.

    This was the first windshield in the world that integrated the panoramic glass with the vehicle’s roof resulting in a sophisticated product with very demanding optics and geometric specifications.

  • YEAR

    Between 2007 and 2009, AGP developed its TNT Plus line, jointly produced in its Colombian and Peruvian security glass facilities. In addition, AGP introduced its Premium line of safety glazing products increasing its portfolio of durable, high quality products for customers around the globe.

    In 2010, AGP launched the successful B33, a bullet-resistant glass with excellent performance in terms of optimized weight and thickness, while maintaining its ballistic protection. With approximately 20-30% reduction in these key variables, AGP’s B33 quickly became the market reference for high-end bullet-resistant glass, setting a standard in this product category.

    In the same year, AGP won the Daimler W-212 program, becoming the exclusive supplier of armored glass for the Mercedes-Benz E-guard 2010, an OEM project assembled in Mexico for worldwide sales.

    AGP Defense was created to meet the demands of the armed forces, governmental agencies and corporate clients.

  • YEAR

    AGP’s fourth state-of-the-art manufacturing plant was inaugurated, based in Lima, Peru, producing highly complex glazing products tailored for electric and autonomous vehicles. The AGP eGlass business unit was established to produce up to 4m2 large windshields and panoramic roofs incorporating highly innovative technologies. The second phase of AGP eGlass’ expansion brought the total production output to 1 million ultralite parts per year.

    7-core technologies were developed as part of AGP eGlass’ value proposition delivering advanced solutions for the future of mobility.

  • YEAR

    AGP redesigned its brand identity to reflect its vision to become the premier global leader in designing and manufacturing high-tech automotive glazing.

    AGP Group raised growth capital to further its global expansion and strengthen its leadership in high-tech glazing solutions for the future of mobility.

    The same year, the company announced the acquisition of Soliver NV in Belgium. Through this acquisition, AGP paved the way to expand its eGlass value proposition into key global markets, leveraging Soliver’s European heritage and long-term customer relationships in the region. These relationships include premier OEMs like Audi, BMW, Daimler, Dyson, Faraday Future, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, Renault, Volvo Trucks, among others.

    AGP Group was recognized in the 23rd edition of the Corporate Creativity Awards organized by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) in the following 3 categories: International Impact, Intermediate Products and Services, and Client Services, and was presented with the coveted awards for Big Company and Great Award of Corporate Creativity.

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