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23 December, 2019

Holiday Greetings from AGP Group

2019: A year of learnings, growth and accomplishments

This year has been a very important one for all of us at AGP. We have accomplished milestones that just one year ago seemed far away.

The opening of our new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Ghent, Belgium, is the clear proof that when we combine a rock-solid and forward-looking vision with a restless team effort, we can attain great things in a short period of time.

2019 was also the year we won our first program to be supplied in China, a key step towards consolidating our global strategy and vision of becoming a worldwide player in the automotive glazing industry.

In many ways, these milestones were achieved as a result of the combination of our people’s outstanding abilities and the trust invested in us by our customers and partners. That is why, with the end of the decade so close, we would like to thank you for our collaboration this year.

For us at AGP, developing automotive high-tech glazing means much more than achieving world-class manufacturing and exceeding customers’ expectations. We believe that the best gift we can hand to the world is turning our vision of creating a greener, safer and smarter world, a reality.



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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet