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Quality Plant Engineer | Gent NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
Quality Auditor Engineer | Gent NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
Production Night Shift Supervisor (Roeselare) Manufacturing Belgium (HQ)
Prevencionista de Seguridad Industrial Maintenance Peru
Trainee de Ingeniería de Calidad de Proyectos NMI & Quality Peru
Supervisor de Industrialización Process Engineer Peru
Ingeniero de Procesos Logísticos Supply Chain Peru
Purchasing Analyst | Gent Supply Chain Belgium (HQ)
Material Controller SAP | Gent Manufacturing Belgium (HQ)
Facility Maintenance Planner Maintenance Belgium (HQ)
Maintenance Controller | Gent Maintenance Belgium (HQ)
Process Engineer (Bending) Process Engineer Belgium (HQ)
Continuous Improvement Engineer | Gent Process Engineer Belgium (HQ)
Tooling Engineer | Gent Manufacturing Belgium (HQ)
Tooling Lead | Gent Manufacturing Belgium (HQ)
Maintenance Analyst | Gent Maintenance Belgium (HQ)
Quality Customer Engineer | Gent NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
HR Generalist | Gent People Belgium (HQ)
Junior Buyer – Evergem Supply Chain Belgium (HQ)
Analyst Finance & Administration Finance Germany
Quality Customer Lead | Gent NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
Project Leader NMI & Quality Peru
Ingeniero de Desarrollo Industrial NMI & Quality Peru
Supplier Development Engineer NMI & Quality China
Product Development Engineer NMI & Quality China
AVO Project Leader NMI & Quality China
Quality Ambassador NMI & Quality China
Program Manager NMI & Quality China
Design Engineer NMI & Quality China
Project Quality Engineer NMI & Quality Peru
Analista de Control de Gestión Manufacturing Peru
Comprador Senior Supply Chain Peru
R&D Project Leader R&D China
Key Account Management Commercial & Marketing China
R&D Scientist (Vario Plus) R&D Peru

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