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Quality Project Engineer | Zwijnaarde NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
Analista de Recursos Humanos People Colombia
Quality Engineer | Roeselare NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
Practicante de Laboratorio Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Sistema de Gestión de Calidad Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Servicio Pos-venta Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Producción Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Planeación Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Herramentales Manufacturing Colombia
Foreign Trade Analyst | Zwijnaarde Supply Chain Belgium (HQ)
AGP Academy Engineer | Zwijnaarde Process Engineer Belgium (HQ)
Cost Controller | Roeselare Finance Belgium (HQ)
Ingeniero de R&D – Simulaciones R&D Peru
Preventieadviseur II / HSE Lead | Zwijnaarde of Roeselare People Belgium (HQ)
HR Officer | Evergem People Belgium (HQ)
Learning Analyst People Mexico
Ingeniero de producto NMI NMI & Quality Colombia
Ingeniero de procesos y mejora industrial Manufacturing Colombia
HR Manager | Roeselare People Belgium (HQ)
Design Engineer NMI & Quality Belgium (HQ)
Automation Engineer | Evergem Maintenance Belgium (HQ)
HSE Intern People Mexico
Electromechanical technician | Evergem| Zwijnaarde Maintenance Belgium (HQ)
Automation technician | Evergem | Zwijnaarde Maintenance Belgium (HQ)
Practicante de Centro Técnico Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Excelencia Operacional Manufacturing Colombia
Practicante de Compras Supply Chain Colombia
Accountant | Zwijnaarde Finance Belgium (HQ)
Practicante de Almacén Supply Chain Colombia
EMPLEATEC 2023 Manufacturing Mexico
HSE Assistant | Zwijnaarde People Belgium (HQ)
NETWORK UDEM 2023 Process Engineer Mexico
Abogado(a) Corporativo(a) Finance Peru
Sales Account Manager West Commercial & Marketing USA
R&D Polymer Process Lead R&D USA

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