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If you are a qualified professional , interested in being part of a great work team for you to reach profesional growth ,and if you are eager to take the challenge, we are glad to meet you. Send us your resume:
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AGP - American Glass Products is a Worlwide leader in State-of-the Art Security Glass production , with laminating ,tempering and armouring lines at the strictest technical specifications. We are a multinational company which has encouraged the Research & Development in the Bullet Resistant Glass industry , making it able to create innovative oriented product lines covering full protection and comfort.

We have a solid work culture known for its professionalism, responsibility, innovation, service, committed work team and dedication.

AGP sales are based in developed countries around the world ,we have big costumers in the forefront of car production such  Audi, BMW, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Mitsubishi and Volkswagen, among others. We are proud to offer a dynamic Research and Development department, which provides innovation and added value to your work. Its staff i daily in charge of new products development which will make AGP still be a leader company in the bullet proof glass market . "On the left menu you will find different carrer oportunities at AGP and instructions to apply for our job titles as professional, tehnician or practitioner".

AGP is an option to start or keep on working on your professional carrer because of the following reasons:

· AGP is a constantly growing and building up Company, where there are always participation spaces and innitiative whhich help AGP to consolidate as a Global COmpany.

· AGP is proud to have an horizontal organizational chart that keeps the same labour level in  work relationships.

· AGP has human skill aimed development programs.

· AGP allows you to live different experiences in other countries with large possibilities to meet people with high knowledge and abilities that help you in the professional development.

· AGP facilitates the learning process in the constant innovation of its products, by using different new technological applications.

· AGP lives its coporate values everyday.

· AGP appreciates the importance of teamwork.

· AGP Recognizes the iniciative from the workstations.

· AGP empowers the role of each employee as direct participant of AGP Group results.


· AGP is focused on Service and Customer satisfaction, being conscious that it's only achieved by our collaborators wellfare, who are eager and committed to reach higher than our customer expectations.

·AGP is a company free of unnecessary formailities.

·AGP is a Leader company in the Bullet Resistance Glass market.

In order to have an overview of AGP, here we present our Organization chart

The AGP Organizational chart was based on direct contact with customers, by getting to know their needs, being always attentive to the market evolution in order to get along with it and keep a high competitive level.

that is why AGP focus is its customers , and set up Commercial Units around the Globe,  being coordinated by the production facilities.


AGP is known for Customer satisfaction constant search.

This is the policy for which AGP always looking for better ideas on innovative processes for its customers giving trasnparency at work. In addition, AGP backs up its actions based on its institutional values experience:

Professionalism:its focused on working always looking for better ideas on innovative processes, based on ethics and respect for the others by giving our work an added value

Responsibility: It means to commit to the promise to meet the internal and external customer deadline by putting the best foot forward.

Innovation:this means to provide new ideas from the workstations that allow our work improve the industrial processes ,products and services that we offer.

Service: to provide our internal an external processes an exceptional Service that exceeds the customer expectations.

Teamwork: to facilitate cooperation ,appropriate work ambience and respect, focused on goal reach and  promoting fellowship in all processes.

Results: they look for human behaviour addressed to action to take and accomplish expected results, baring in mind that resulsts are the work measure.

Human talent AGP is also known for counting on human strengths highly specialized and composed by a valuable ethnical diversity due to its Global presence.