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AGP sGlass

The No. 1 supplier of transparent armor worldwide

AGP has earned the trust of more than 1.000 clients around the world, protecting heads of state, ministers, soldiers, leaders in the private and corporate sectors, and even Popes.

sGlass Segments

Marine glazing solutions designed for surface warships and patrol vessels

AGP sGlass’ high-performance glazing and systems combine protection and functionality for bridge windows.

AGP designs and manufactures safety glazing systems that can integrate ballistic protection, blast resistance, EMI shielding and heating functionality for naval applications.

Discover a complete value proposition designed for fast installation on board, qualified for shock and vibrations according to naval standards.

Transparent armor for military purposes qualified for extreme environmental conditions including ballistic qualification at high and low temperatures after 12 and 24 hours of pre-conditioning.

AGP´s high performance options incorporate the latest technologies and materials that keep the ballistic integrity of the transparent armor, thus providing complete ballistic protection in the harshest hot or cold environment conditions. Compositions for differente ballistic levels are tested in temperatures ranging from -50 to +70°C and different soak times.

Light-weight transparent armor that is produced with special materials and process that reduce the weight of the glass while maintaining its ballistic performance.

AGP Dura is the newest family of bullet-resistant glass with special compositions resistant to chemical reactions and scratches on the inner side of the glass. AGP Dura compositions have been designed for superior durability and enhanced lifespan.

Toughened and laminated safety glass compliant with marine regulations.

Heating systems and EMI shielding can also be embedded within our standard marine safety glass for naval applications.

Bridge windows
Integrated solutions

Turn-key solutions, providing best-in-class support from development up to the delivery. Build-to print and design-build capability, including project development in AutoCAD, Rhinoceros and Inventor, Structural Analysis and Finite Element Modeling with ANSYS.

AGP offers welded, bolted and clamped windows systems for naval platforms. Our windows are qualified for shock & vibration. Mainframe in different materials.

Shock and vibration resistance

MIL-STD-901 Shock Tests High Impact shipboard machinery.

Medium Weight Shock Machine.
Shock Grade B
Equipment Class I
Shock Test Type A

MIL STD 167 Mechanical vibrations of shipboard equipment

Type I – Environmental vibration

Qualified in governmental agencies for NATO countries

Heating systems

AGP's heating systems include heating mats, temperature sensors, junction boxes and temperature controllers which can be designed for specific power densities and inputs up to 440V.

To achieve better defrosting capabilities and appearance, AGP developed Heatplex, a transparent heating system that defrosts bullet-resistant glass faster than standard technologies for high voltages. For marine systems, the heating elements are designed and tested in accordance to ISO 3434.

EMI Shielding

Special coated materials are incorporated within the glass laminates to attenuate the force of electromagnetic waves.

AGP offers root glass and windows with shielding effectiveness above 40 dB and frequencies ranging from 1MHz-40 GHz qualified in accordance to MIL-STD -285 and IEEE 299.

Special Clamping Windows

In partnership with German designer and manufacturer of high-tech marine windows, AGP’s special clamping windows offer:

- Compatibility with ballistic or standard safety glass
- EMI shielding
- No welding or drilling
- Higher tolerances acceptable on window openings
- Large selection of frames and glass
- Maximum visibility
- Without black border on the glass
- With or without corner radius
- Complies with all relevant rules and regulations
- No screwed joints – no corrosion
- Less danger of injury in the event of damage
- Manufactured and tested in compliance with ISO 3903
- Patented

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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet