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We strive to be drivers of change combining by a solid strategy of R+D+i, a highly qualified pool of talent, and cooperating with key partners worldwide.

Words from the CEO

AGP Group's CEO, Arturo Mannheim, on enabling the future of automotive glazing.

The future of mobility is on our door step. Join us building the path of this exciting journey.

We take the future seriously.

As the automotive industry continues to evolve towards digitalization and sustainability – led mainly by trends like connectivity, autonomous driving, electrification, shared mobility, and the user’s wellbeing – our profound commitment to transforming the future of mobility has led us to fulfill goals that were once unimaginable. This enabled us to embrace bigger challenges and grow at a high-speed level.

Thanks to our future-oriented vision and innovation-driven strategy, AGP Group has become one of the world’s leading specialty glazing manufacturers, present on the 5 continents, that aims to continue building a cleaner, safer, and smarter world through our bespoke high-tech glazing solutions.

Combining AGP’s developed portfolio of products – for the automotive, marine, mass transit, and security segments – with our state-of-the-art manufacturing and R&D capabilities, we drive innovation for sustainable mobility taking our customers’ dreams and turning them into reality.


Constantly innovating

AGP is determined to lead the way in defining the latest solutions to the world's transportation and safety challenges.

AGP clearly understands that to become a global leader in designing and manufacturing high-tech glazing, it has to position innovation at the center of its strategy. AGP R&D focuses on generating technologies, product solutions, and applications that enable customer's current and future designs and address market challenges.

We strive to be drivers of change, transforming the way knowledge and value are created by combining a highly qualified pool of talent, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and by closely cooperating with key partners.

From our bullet-resistant glass business to AGP eGlass’ highly complex glazing needs, we leverage our ecosystem of AGP tech centers both as standalone units and entire manufacturing sites, alongside a global network of research and development partners, as well as constant co-design partnership with customers.

AGP’s Technology and Innovation Ecosystem

Areas of Development


Each Tech Center will selectively focus on some of the core technologies most relevant to each target market and support the overall R&D plan.

At AGP, we take the future of automotive glazing seriously and invest 10% of our net sales in research and development. Our R&D team consists of experts in fields such as optics, acoustics, electronics and special materials within the automotive industry.

  • Research Know-How

    We at AGP take the future seriously. To be at the forefront of technology and innovation, we have a dedicated team that continuously monitors the market and carries out thorough research to identify trends early-on and respond to them by developing disruptive glazing technologies.

    Every single one of our products and solutions has been carefully researched by our world-class R&D team and developed with our customers’ and end users’ needs at top of mind.

  • New Product Developments

    Our global R&D team focuses on being at the forefront of technology by creating breakthrough products and introducing new technologies that take automotive glazing to the next level, such as complex shapes, displays and switchable light transmission glazing, transforming and enhancing the user’s in-cabin experience.

  • New Materials

    At AGP, technology and quality are engrained in everything we do. Therefore, our R&D experts are continuously looking for and testing new, premium materials that will enhance the design and manufacture of our high-tech glazing products to deliver the very best to our customers.

  • New Process Developments

    When creating innovative products and technologies that will launch into the automotive market, there is also a need to create new processes for industrialization. Our R&D experts are involved in the entire process from the conception of an idea to bringing solutions to market through to the creation of new manufacturing processes.

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