Kingroyal Grandpashabet


Research & Development

As drivers of change, we transform the way knowledge and value are created. By developing new innovative solutions and processes, we enable our customer’s vision and address market challenges.

New Models Introduction & Quality

We are a global team fully integrated with R&D and Manufacturing. Our main objective is to ensure the design, development, industrialization, and successful launch of new high-tech glazing solutions.


We deliver quality, efficiency, and innovation ensuring first-class products, processes, and machinery. Our main goal is to meet the highest standards in these areas to achieve a world class manufacturing and therefore exceed our customer’s expectations.

Commercial & Marketing

As enablers, we innovate in every step of the way to deliver bespoke solutions. Our main objective is to introduce our latest technologies into the market, building long-lasting relationships with our customers and strategic partners. By knowing and understanding their needs, we deliver a tailor-made experience.

Business Support

Our mission is to guarantee that all the areas in the company count with powerful tools and the right resources to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow and support the company’s growth.

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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet