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About sGlass

The technology leader producing state-of-the-art specialty glass.

Introducing sGlass: formerly known as AGP Security and AGP Defense, our new consolidated division incorporates the organization’s 55+ years’ experience and global presence into the design, development, and improvement of glazing products and solutions for safety and defense applications.

AGP is trusted by more than 1.000 clients around the world. We offer local support in over 20 countries.

AGP sGlass serves military, naval, law enforcement, government, corporate and private customers through the combined resources of two manufacturing plants and business units covering the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, Middle East, India and Africa. Thanks to a strategic global presence, the company is agile and ready to immediately respond to the needs of customers wherever they are.

AGP sGlass differentiated value proposition, quality and tailor-made solutions have earned the trust of more than 1.000 customers around the world.


10% of sales are invested in R&D

AGP’s 55 years focus on innovation and technology translate into state-of-the-art infrastructure and products, ensuring that our customers receive the best available transparent armor solution for any vehicle, cabin, vessel and other special applications.

AGP is at the forefront of innovation by investing in talent, new fabrication processes, novel materials, and key collaborations

Over 10% of AGP’s net sales are invested in R&D and the development of new technologies tailored to the needs and trends of the industry.

Thanks to this significant investment in innovation, as well as to the unique know-how of multidisciplinary experts from Europe, USA and South America, AGP is able to develop products with novel materials, superior ballistic integrity and lower costs, compared to standard solutions. In addition, AGP sGlass can offer much more than high-performance bullet-resistant glazing, like complete kit solutions with complex steel frames.

Through the continuous collaboration with our experts, customers, academic institutions and strategic partners, AGP sGlass stays at the forefront of transparent armor solutions.

Quality assurance

A key pillar in AGP sGlass’value proposition

AGP’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment around the world, allow expanded production capacities of the most complex products and solutions. The investment in cutting-edge facilities and technology have enabled AGP to successfully achieve accreditation for quality and processes management systems of the most rigorous international standards.

AGP has achieved multiple rigorous accreditations for our quality and processes management systems

AGP sGlass’ production processes are partially automated, carried out using cutting-edge technology and advanced equipment, such as autoclaves, automatic CNC machines, continuous furnaces, automatic optical scanners, digital printing machines and special ballistic laboratories.

AGP has implemented management systems which are oriented towards the fulfillment of international standards for the manufacturing of safety glass in the automotive, naval and defense sectors.

The compliance with standards such as IATF and ISO 9001 demonstrates our commitment to being a trustworthy and long-term strategic partner, dedicated to satisfy and exceed customers’ requirements.

AGP products are designed and made to last, thanks to the
company's 55+ years industrial and technical experience.
In addition, each product delivered by AGP sGlass has a
unique tracking number that allows to know exactly how
and with which materials it was produced, as well as the
norms with which it complies. This way, AGP maintains
strict control and counts with necessary information to
ensure the best after-sales service.

AGP has invested in state-of the art quality laboratories in all sGlass plants for conducting comprehensive testing on all the production runs to guarantee the best quality products.

AGP has over 100.000 m2 of industrial facilities, and our Brazilian plant is the largest armored glass plant in the world. Our sGlass production facilities are located in Brazil and Colombia.

We aim to provide the best-in-class technical support from design and development to qualification and acceptance tests.

Through the combined resources of our manufacturing premises and business units in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Asia, AGP's strategic global presence brings specialized technical support to immediately respond to the needs of customers and end-users.

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