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The global leader in the design and manufacture of armored glass


Designed for safety and comfort

With the fast-paced trend of urbanization reaching all corners of the world, coupled with social, economic and political unrest in many markets, the need for more protection while maintaining the ride performance and aesthetics of the original car has become a sought-after attribute for civilian armored vehicles.

AGP Security specializes in the design and production of automotive bullet-resistant glass (BRG) for civilian vehicles. AGP armored glass ensures maximum security against threats with firearms while maintaining and ensuring the aesthetic and functional performance of the original glass.

For more than 50 years, AGP has designed hundreds of product compositions for every ballistic requirement, and all our products are certified under international standards by external laboratories as well as local authorities when requested, always complying with the strictest standards.


AGP Security always looks beyond the standard solutions, taking the user experience as the ultimate driver for technology improvements. We at AGP believe that an armored vehicle should not look and feel differently than an original car, respecting the globally renowned automotive brands product designs.

For AGP, ballistic performance is only the beginning for a superior product. AGP focuses its R&D and manufacturing capabilities on 5 determining factors for the performance of the bullet-resistant glass.

The right combination of these 5 elements coupled with the highest standards in manufacturing processes and equipment leveraging the latest know-how in advanced materials science are the main difference between a standard armored glass and a high-performance AGP glass.


Beyond the product

At AGP, we understand that the needs of our market go further than the product itself and to fulfill them, we have the best interdisciplinary teams. Our experts are always available to facilitate every step of the process from purchase to delivery of your armored glass.


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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet