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20 May, 2022

VarioLux: A new generation of panoramic glass roofs

Throughout automotive history, glass has evolved into an important component of vehicle design. It is a key element to ensure safety, delivering the clearest view, and enabling visionary designs.  



As mobility has become more electric and autonomous, drivers seek more privacy, greater comfort, entertainment, and connectivity. Turning a vehicle into an expression of lifestyle. But what does it take to create an unprecedented in-cabin experience? 

When art meets technology, the possibilities are infinite to create something one-of-a-kind. AGP introduces VarioLux, a new generation of panoramic glass roofs, to create a game-changing user experience. A combination of eGlass’ Vario Plus and Lux Fractal technologies to both enhance the user’s comfort and transform the vehicle’s cabin into an immersive space.  

Provide both the driver and the passenger the control and freedom over the glass’ transparency using AGP’s PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) switchable glazing.  Or captivate them with a breathtaking atmosphere created by our micropattern and light guide technologies. A tailored embedded pattern – that plays with the colors and motion of lights – expands the boundaries of style, comfort, and uniqueness, creating a magical in-cabin user experience. 




Meet some of the benefits this technology has to offer: 


Vario Plus 

– Clarity: Switchable glass with the lowest haze in the automotive industry, providing optimum clarity for the user’s view to experience a feeling of openness and freedom.

– Privacy: You set the tone. Control single segments of the glass, switching from completely opaque grey to highly transparent, to provide the option of an open view to the outside or a closed environment inside the cabin.

– Comfort: Elimination of the traditional roller blind system, gaining valuable headspace for the user.


Lux Fractal 

– Moods: A new spectrum of color lights (RGB) and motion, to connect with the user’s senses and emotions and transport them into an unforgettable experience. 

– Functionality: Connect the pattern with the vehicle’s functionalities – such as ignition, acceleration, or braking – to interact with the user in a new way. 

– Design Freedom: Tailored patterns produced in-house, including OEM brands in the glazing, to blend with the vehicle’s design and identity. 


Dream beyond, embrace freedom of design and discover the future of automotive glazing with VarioLux. 

It’s up to you. Choose the mood. Find your expression. 

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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet