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15 April, 2015

AGP celebrates its 50th anniversary

50 years

In 1965, Jose Mannheim founded AGP Peru with the vision of creating a best-in-class company that is focused on achieving sustainable growth through innovation and expanding to a global presence.

Throughout the past 5 decades, AGP has developed a variety of new product solutions utilized by customers around the world. Along this journey we have benefited from the support of many customers, business partners and talented people that share our vision.
This vision lives on as AGP continually focus on innovation, technology and, our employees and customers, which we believe results in a bright future.

We invite you to visit our company timeline to learn more about AGP´s key milestones and the accomplishments over our 50 year history.

Welcome to AGP!

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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet