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2 September, 2021

AGP eGlass and WayRay partner to deliver world first Holo-Windshield for Holographic Augmented Reality Displays

Window of opportunities for driver assistance industry valued at over $3bn globally in next 3 years


ZURICH, 2nd September 2021 – WayRay, the pioneering developer of the world’s first Holographic Augmented Reality Head-up Display (AR HUD) technology has partnered with AGP eGlass, a global leader in state-of-the-art, specialty glass design and production, to drive the next generation of HUDs that will supercharge the driving experience by projecting relevant data instinctively into a driver’s field of vision.

AGP eGlass has specifically designed a brand-new glazing technology to host WayRay’s Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs) in their windshield, which are capable of performing incredibly complex optical functions while remaining transparent and thin to be incorporated into curved laminated glass parts. The Holographic AR НUD for cars surpasses any conventional HUD in its projection system volume, field of view, and distance to the virtual image from 0 meters to infinity.

Such is the ingenuity of the design that the display can be customized to meet the specific integration requirements of any car model in the world. Together, AGP eGlass and WayRay have developed a proprietary high-tech glazing stack supported by a state-of-the-art manufacturing process – starting from the raw material until the lamination, hologram application, and final inspection – that has been designed and adapted since the beginning to the hologram technology’s specifications, fulfilling legal requirements and meeting the highest standards for user safety, quality, and durability.

Unlike traditional HUDs, the Holographic AR HUD has been designed for both drivers and passengers by bringing augmented reality to windshields, turning the glass into a literal ‘virtual world’ for driver assistance, passenger safety and infotainment. With the HUD industry valued at $866 million in 2020 and projected to reach $3.37 billion by 2025, it is clearly set to be a massive part of the automotive industry.

Vitaly Ponomarev, Founder and CEO of WayRay said: “Forging this strategic partnership with AGP, the most innovative and forward-looking glazing company in the automotive industry, will bring WayRay’s groundbreaking True Augmented Reality into cars in 2023 and create windows into virtual worlds for drivers and passengers.”

Arturo Mannheim, CEO of AGP Group said: “AGP’s mission is to expand the boundaries of conventional glass products by offering smart technologies to enable electric and autonomous mobility, enhance connectivity and transform the user experience. With WayRay we have identified a partner that perfectly shares our mission to create technologically ground-breaking applications. Together we will enrich and re-define the reality of drivers and passengers.”


About WayRay

Founded in 2012, WayRay is a deep-tech company headquartered in Zurich. By controlling the entire research and development process itself – from product concept to prototype testing – it has evolved from a startup to a full-scale manufacturer. WayRay’s goal is to create a future where every transparent surface is a window to the virtual world. WayRay employs about 250 people worldwide and has offices in Switzerland, USA and Russia. In three rounds of funding, WayRay has received about $100 million from Alibaba Group, Porsche AG, Hyundai Motor, JVCKENWOOD, China Merchants Capital and other investors. WayRay is partnering with world-wide leading industry partners such as Covestro and AGP eGlass. www.wayray.com


About AGP eGlass

AGP eGlass is one of the world’s leading high-tech glazing manufacturers in the automotive industry and part of the AGP Group. With a value proposition focused on identifying and responding to automotive trends such as connectivity, autonomous driving, shared mobility and electrification, AGP eGlass is enabling a new generation of vehicles.

With about 2,500 professionals employed globally, the company provides high-tech glazing solutions to more than 20 automotive brands that are shaping the future of mobility through electrification and autonomous driving.

AGP has six manufacturing plants and two Tech Innovation Centers in Europe and South America as well as commercial offices in 20 countries. Earlier this year, the company announced its expansion to North America and Asia. www.agpglass.com



AGP eGlass
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