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11 January, 2022

AGP Group Names Belgium Office as the Company’s New Global Headquarters

AGP Group, automotive glazing manufacturer specializing in future mobility solutions, announces its Ghent, Belgium office as the new global corporate headquarters to support its global expansion plan.


Ghent, Belgium (January 11th, 2021) –AGP Group, a premier global leader in designing and manufacturing high-tech automotive glazing, today announced that its current European main office, located in Ghent, Belgium, will become the company’s global headquarters as of January 11th.

The selection of Ghent as the ultimate location for AGP Group’s headquarters enables the company to collaborate more closely with key stakeholders worldwide and is aligned with the company’s strategy of establishing a robust global footprint with proximity to its customers across Europe, North America and Asia. Today, AGP Group’s footprint in Europe includes two state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in Belgium, two Tech Innovation Centers in Germany and Italy, and commercial units across the continent. AGP Group is committed to continuing to make investments to enhance its global footprint, with new manufacturing sites under development in North America (2022) and Asia (2023), where the company will continue to have regional offices.

“My family’s glazing history started in Europe about a century ago and new opportunities in the Americas led to significant growth. At AGP Group, we are proud of our European heritage and thrilled to call Belgium the home of our new headquarters,” said Arturo Mannheim, Chairman and CEO of the AGP Group. “In 2019, we selected Ghent as the location to build one of the most advanced manufacturing plants in the world due to Belgium solid reputation in the glazing industry. We are confident that having our corporate offices in Ghent will allow us to attract highly-skilled talent and work closer together with our customers and partners worldwide to accelerate our innovation roadmap and growth.”

AGP’s new Headquarters are located at Nederzwijnaarde 2, Building 56, 9052 Gent, Belgium.


About AGP Group

AGP Group is one of the world’s leading glazing manufacturers. AGP Group has developed a large portfolio of products for the automotive, marine, and security markets. With around 3,000 employees from over 50 different nationalities, the company provides high-tech glazing solutions to more than 20 automotive brands that are shaping the future of mobility through electrification and autonomous driving. AGP has seven manufacturing plants and four Tech Innovation Centers in Europe, North and South America as well as commercial offices in 20 countries.  For more information, visit www.agpglass.com.


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