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5 February, 2019

AGP welcomes MBA students from MIT Sloan

The G-Lab program of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Sloan), established in 2000, landed at AGP this year. The program has worked with over 375 startup and growing companies on more than 500 projects located in 50-plus emerging and frontier markets around the world and this year, they chose AGP’s Peruvian office to host a group of second-year MBA students to join the AGP team for a 3-week immersion into the world of high-tech automotive glazing. This collaboration comes after a pivotal year for AGP, in which the company’s focus on new technologies and its vision of the future were awarded 5 corporate innovation awards.

About MIT G-Lab

MIT G-Lab, short for “Global Entrepreneurship Lab”, is a class focused on measuring and understanding what kinds of entrepreneurships thrive in different countries. Peru is one of the top 15 countries with an emerging economy in the world, making it an excellent environment for hands-on experience. Projects such as those at AGP offer students the opportunity to develop their skills of integrated problem framing, in order to understand how organizations in complex environments move to action.
From late September through December, the MIT teams work from campus with the companies abroad, building their relationships through online collaboration and weekly conference calls to better understand the companies and their current projects.
The teams conduct project-related research, interviews, and analyses that lay critical ground for their work in the field. In January, teams travel to work on-site, full-time at their host companies’ offices for three weeks.

G-Lab project at AGP

During their three weeks at AGP, the MIT students were tasked with identifying new, innovative market opportunities for AGP’s eGlass product-line through primary and secondary market research. The students worked to provide a go-to-market strategy for those opportunities, by combining their outside perspective with AGP’s internal expertise, to find concrete solutions to be implemented efficiently. As AGP eGlass’ expansion plan unfolds reaching more international markets, the ability to match market trends and company capabilities becomes ever more important.
The MIT students shared their experience while working at AGP, “We have been impressed by the ingenuity, enthusiasm and creativity of the AGP team. We found everyone willing to go the extra mile to innovate and collaborate with one another. People have genuine passion for the future of the company and its products. We have enjoyed the amazing AGP and Peruvian hospitality and our work experience with an all-star team.” The AGP team found the experience equally enriching and hopes to welcome MIT students back again in the future.



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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet