Kingroyal Grandpashabet
17 January, 2017

Ballistic validation processes for armoured materials-seminar at New Delhi

World’s leading companies – AGP Glass (India) , SSAB Steelforce Steel (Finland & Sweden), iABG Laboratory (Germany) together with Gujarat Forensic Sciences Laboratories (India), Tata Motors(India) and Invest India (India) conducted together the First Ballistic Day at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi wherein specific methodologies were discussed pertinent to ballistic validation of components that are needed for armouring vehicles, boats and ships.

The issues discussed were steering to an eventual evolution of an “Indian Ballistic Standard” which would comprise of all environmental threats (to avoid an early delamination of glass and polymer layers) apart from ballistic threats(to stop bullets from entering) that would cater to all the specific requirements of the subcontinent. The lack of incongruent QRs were being discussed leaving options for improvements which would add fillip to the growing requirements of MoD and MHA.

The main challenges being identified were the weight reduction of the ballistic materials and effects of extreme temperature on the materials, with a strong call for the leading laboratories to have world class facilities for homologation of the ballistic materials. Amongst those who were present on this niche conference, were Director General of CRPF apart from many top level dignitaries from SSB, CRPF, BSF, BPR&D, Directorate of Weapon & Equipments, CISF, SPG, etc.

A permanent consortium of ballistic experts were being sought on this seminar which is being kept pending further action, with a clear goal of expediting all the efforts that are needed for a clear homologation methodology.

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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet