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13 June, 2017

Vario Plus

The Auto Industry actively is incorporating value-added features to improve the premium car experience and cabin comfort. With the advent of large fixed glass roofs in the market, the need for solar control and individual comfort control has grown even more necessary.

This feature is starting to gain traction throughout the industry; is a good way to make the cabin feel larger and more spacious for passengers, especially those in the backseat. An example of this market trend if that the glass roof on the Model S sedan is now a standard offer.

The list of premium vehicles now offering something similar is growing rapidly as the trend points at great consumer acceptance for the enhanced cabin experience and openness feel and thus the skylight becomes a sought-after benefit.  Panoramic roof and Cielo windshields are forecast to grow double-digits in the next years as more and more luxury manufacturers and models release their stylish versions to the market.  Vehicles that offer this include the luxury Volvo XC90, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Lexus LC500, BMW M760i among others.


At AGP, we have spent countless hours trying to understand the needs associated with new technologies enabling the Future of Mobility and the enhanced car experience at large. When something new comes along, we see it as an opportunity to drive functionality into that new technology, creating products that can stand above the rest. In the new breed of panoramic roofs, we clearly see this opportunity.

With the introduction of VARIO PLUSTM and VARIO PLUSTM with Invisiblinds™ AGP has brought an entirely new class of glazing solution to the market, allowing both the driver and the passengers to be in charge of their own comfort and privacy.  From voice control for the driver that is tasked with the morning commute through the bustling city, to rear passenger touch control for the commuter that has the task of fighting the mid-day sun, AGP has it thought out.  Our solution includes the ability to split the glass into sections, creating blinds that can be drawn with the swipe of a finger, or selectively dimming each section, the consumer is always in the driver’s seat with our technology.

Color, shape, and control converge to create a product that not only out classes the competition in functionality, but also is elegant and refined in its execution and consumer interface. Backed by an excellent control system, our industry standard connections and communications make total integration easy and seamless.

American Glass Products is a global supplier of state-of-the-art specialty glass production, with advanced laminating, tempering and armouring lines that deliver products adhering to the strictest technical specifications. With 50 years of experience, AGP has developed a large portfolio of products for the Automotive, Architectural, Marine, Mass Transit, and Military markets that it supplies through its 4 production facilities and global sales network.


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Kingroyal Grandpashabet

Kingroyal Grandpashabet