5 June, 2019

World Environment Day at AGP

A cleaner, safer and smarter world is our driving force. We at AGP eGlass, collaborate closely with the companies that are leading the new wave of electric and autonomous vehicles of tomorrow and are committed to reducing vehicles’ environmental footprint through intelligent processes and glazing technologies.  From our core glazing technologies to our company values, we are committed to sustainability. Our goals are beautifully intertwined with our business mission to deliver our clients with the best glazing products as fast and efficiently as possible. To do this, we must consider every aspect from production to the packaging of our products through to product efficiency and weight.

In terms of product packaging, we constantly strive to be more efficient in our development of the leanest packaging. As our shipments are made to various countries around the world, we have designed packaging that results in the customer having to dispose of the smallest amount of packaging material. Furthermore, all of our operations meet – and some exceed – local environmental standards.

In 2018, AGP’s facilities recycled 1.4M tons of reusable waste, with glass making up 87.75% of total waste (1.2M tons), which is re-purposed as raw material for the manufacturing of other glass products.

In 2018, 84% of the waste generated in our AGP eGlass main facilities was repurposed through recycling programs. The remaining 16%, which includes non-reusable waste and hazardous waste, were processed through landfills to meet local waste-processing requirements.

At AGP eGlass, we engage in recycling programs with local materials companies, where all extra or damaged glass is sent to be re-used for the production of glass bottles. In addition, the company’s documentation paper is donated to a local NGO, to be recycled.

Of course, sustainability is of great importance not only in the production process, but it also key in the development of our technologies and solutions. Three of AGP eGlass’  7 core technologies directly contribute to a stronger sustainable contribution: Impact Plus, Ultralite Plus™ and Vario Plus.

  • Our Impact Plus technology produces thinner and lighter hybrid compositions that are up to 5x more resistant to sharp stone impacts than the industry standard. This translates to fewer window replacements and an overall lighter vehicle weight.
  • Lastly, Ultralite Plus™ allows for 30% lighter glazing, which is key to our sustainable initiative because a lighter vehicle leaves a lighter footprint on the environment. The lighter the car, the less energy it requires to move it forward, increasing battery life and improving the fuel economy, leading to lower CO2 emissions.
  • Vario Plus is a unique technology that gives the driver the ability to adjust the transparency of the car’s glass by switching from a completely opaque glass to a highly transparent one. The user can decide between total privacy or complete visibility at the simple touch of a button. Furthermore, this technology reflects light in all directions, blocking transmission into the interior of the vehicle, therefore optimizing the efficiency of the in-cabin temperature.

Ultimately, AGP eGlass’ sustainability efforts translate into efficient production processes, sustainable packaging, products and vision that aim to reduce vehicles’ environmental footprint. A greener, safer and smarter world is our driving force and will continue to drive our innovation and growth.



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