Between 2008 and 2009 AGP developed its TNT Plus line, jointly produced in its facilities in Colombia and Peru, and also its Premium Line of products that are manufactured in the three facilities, increasing the portfolio of high quality and durable goods.

With the expansion in the Peruvian plant, a Security Line product portfolio was added to AGP offerings as well as a line of products with flat tempered architecture and applications for maximum bus size.

In 2010 AGP B.33 was launched in Brazil, with great success. A Bullet Resistant Glass with excellent performance in terms of optimized weight and thickness, while maintaining its Ballistic protection. With approximately 20 to 30% reduction in these variables, AGP B33 quickly became the market reference for high end bullet resistant glass and has set a new standard for the category.

In 2010 AGP wins the W-212 program from Daimler-Benz, becoming the exclusive supplier for the armored glass for the Mercedes Benz E-Guard 2010, a OEM project assembled in Mexico for Worldwide sales.

AGP Defense Division was created to meet the demands of Armed Forces, Government Agencies and Corporate Clients.